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Ground Suport



Support Services: 

Polo Aviation is able to supply support services to the individual or businesses:

  • Pilot Hire:
    • We can offer pilots for B206, AS350, and AS355 to fly your Helicopter .All our pilots hold commercial Pilots Licences and have extensive experience.
  • Refuelling:
    • Fully equipped 1800 litres Jet A1 bowser and operator to your location at competitive rates
  • Fire Cover:
    • Fire cover up to H1 or H2
    • 90 litre fire equipment can be combined with refuelling vehicle to comply with single spot fire cover
  • Ground Handlers :
    • For corporate or pleasure flying or just moving your aircraft
  • Consultancy:
    • Whether it's help in buying an aircraft or sourcing solutions to your logistical problems e.g. aerial crane or cargo then Polo Aviation can help
  • Landing sites:
    • Locate, recce and survey landing sites
    • Provide lighting and support for night landing sites.
    • Set up and manage temporary landing sites