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    Terms and Conditions


1. All flights are undertaken within the full category of Public Transport as defined and

overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority. The Air Operator's Certificate is held by Polo


2. All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.

3. The hourly rate for hire of a helicopter excludes additional expenses, for example

navigational charges, landing/handling fees and in-flight catering.

4. Crew overnight fees will be charged where incurred to cover accommodation and


5. Exact timings cannot be guaranteed since they are subject to Air Traffic Control and

weather conditions.

6. Flights can only be confirmed on receipt of cleared funds, unless credit facilities have

been agreed prior to the flight.

7. The non-refundable element of the full charter cost for cancellation of any flight booking

is calculated subject to the following terms of notice:

a) More than 7 days: 5%

b) Less than 7 days but more than 48 hours: 10%

c) Less than 48 hours: 25%

d) No show / No notice: 50% or the proportion of

flying already undertaken

(i.e. positioning)

whichever is the greater.

8. No refund will be made to passengers who travel on a scheduled service, where tickets

are sold individually, who fail to meet their allotted departure time, for whatever reason.

9. The company is a member of the British Helicopter Advisory Board and all flights are

operated in accordance with the Pilot's Code of Conduct for minimising the

environmental impact of the helicopter.

10. All flights are governed by Civil Aviation legislation and, in the interests of flight safety,

the carriage of highly intoxicated passengers is not permitted. Polo Aviation reserves the

right to refuse entry to the helicopter to anyone considered to be a threat to the safety of

the flight.

11. Polo Aviation Ltd shall not be liable to the charterer, or to any passengers for whom the

charterer may be an agent, for any consequential loss to the charterer, or any other

person arising from it’s failure to comply with it’s obligations to complete the agreed



Urchinwood Manor, Congresbury, North Somerset, BS49 5AP

Phone: 01934 877000,  Fax: 01934 834683  e-mail: mail@poloaviation.com