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The Team


 Peter Hall (Managing Director)

Peter qualified with the Army Air Corps in 1976, flying in Germany,  Northern Ireland and the UK.  Upon leaving the Army he completed his commercial pilots exams and formed Polo Aviation Ltd in 1984.

Type Rated on: R22, B206, AS350 and AS355, Type Rating Instructor (TRI), Type Rating Examiner (TRE), Abanitio Instructor (FI)


Robert Kellie (Chief Pilot)

Robert qualified with the Army Air Corps in 1971, flying in theUK, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Ethiopia. Upon leaving the Army in 1976 he completed his commercial pilots license.  Joined Polo Aviation Ltd in 1997 as Chief Pilot   

Ratings for Bo105, B206, AS350 and AS355    






David Lomas (Pilot)

David set up his own Helicopter Charter Company and completed his Commercial Pilots Licence on leaving the Army. He has worked alongside POLO Aviation since the 1990's. Rated on AS350, B206 and B407. He has flown a wide range of tasks including fire-fighting to aerial filming for Athens Olympics, Doha Asian Games and South African World Cup.


Hamish Eyre (Pilot, SMS Manager)

Graduated with a commercial pilots licence for helicopters from Oxford Aviation Ltd in 2004. Obtaining experience pleasure flying and charter work. Now expanding into other areas, such as aerial filming, working on a large number of TV programs. Along with flying duties Hamish manages the companies Safety Management SystemsTypes flown: R22, R44, HUGHES 269, HUGHES 369, B206, AS350, AS355







Sotirios Karvountzis (Pilot)

Sotirios has been a helicopter pilot for the past 8 years, flying the Jet Ranger and the twin squirrel under both VFR and IFR,  Most of his flying involves pleasure flying, and general charter work.


Graham Barnes (Pilot)

Graham gained his commercial pilots licence in 2009 and Bell 206 type rating in 2011.  He is also a type rated engineer on AS355, Bell 206 and EC135.   Graduating from Kingston University with a BEng Honours in Aircraft Engineering, he then trained as aircraft engineer in the Royal Navy between 1991 and 1996.  


Duncan Urch (Pilot)

Duncan qualified in the UK with a Private Pilots Licence in 2004, with the ambition of pursuing a career in aviation he completed his Commercial Pilots License in 2011. Joined Polo Aviation Ltd in 2012.

Ratings for B206




Sally Hall (Financial Director)

Sally has been a director since the company was formed, not only can she manage the finances but can often be found working with ground crew at various events.


Ian Purnell (Operations Manager)

 Ian joined Polo full time in 2005 having been a part time member of the ground crew for several years.  He has a background in logistics and data analysis.






Julie Blundal (Accounts)

Julie has the morning shift in the office, and not only deals with the day to day accounts but also handles general enquiries.


Lucy Quinn (Administrator)

Lucy can be found in the office in the afternoons dealing with general enquiries and the administration of Polo Aviation.






Urchinwood Manor, Congresbury, North Somerset, BS49 5AP

Phone: 01934 877000,  Fax: 01934 834683  e-mail: mail@poloaviation.com