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Polo Aviation is able to supply support services to the individual or businesses:


  Pilot Hire:

            We can offer pilots for B206, AS350, and AS355 to fly your Helicopter

            All our pilots hold commercial Pilots Licence's and have extensive experience.



            Fully equipped 1800 litres Jet A1 bowser and operator to your location at competitive rates


    Fire Cover:

            Fire cover up to H1 or H2

            90 litre fire equipment can be combined with refuelling vehicle to comply with single spot fire cover


    Ground Handlers :

            For corporate or pleasure flying or just moving your aircraft



                Whether it's help in buying an aircraft or sourcing solutions to your logistical e.g.

             aerial crane or cargo   problems then Polo Aviation can help


    Landing sites:

             Locate, recce and survey landing sites

             Provide lighting and support for night landing sites.

             Set up and manage temporary landing sites



Urchinwood Manor, Congresbury, North Somerset, BS49 5AP

Phone: 01934 877000,  Fax: 01934 834683  e-mail: mail@poloaviation.com