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    Privacy Statement

This website is owned and maintained by Polo Aviation Ltd.

We believe that the privacy of visitors' personal information is extremely important. That's why we'll never use your information for anything other than the uses we tell you about - and then only with your permission.


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Just like all Web Servers, our site records IP addresses and produces server logs. Be assured that this information is only used to monitor the volume of traffic the site receives and to measure the number of visitors accessing the site. It is not used to track the activities of site visitors.

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We sometimes send out business emails but they are always sent with an unsubscribe option. If you've had any problems unsubscribing, please let us know via any of the contact details shown below.

If you'd like to contact us about any aspect of this privacy policy, or for any other reason, here are our contact details:

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Polo Aviation Ltd
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By email: contactus@poloaviation.com

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Urchinwood Manor, Congresbury, North Somerset, BS49 5AP

Phone: 01934 877000,  Fax: 01934 834683  e-mail: mail@poloaviation.com