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    Glastonbury Helipad Booking Information  


Welcome to Glastonbury 2015 Helipad Booking Information.

Below are the relevant files for booking helicopter landing slots and information for briefing pilots.  The site is the same as 2014, however there have been some changes in Approach and Departure procedures (for example , use Glastonbury Festival in opening call to identify appropriate  site, and the Passenger Gates are on the North side of the field. 

 To book landing slots you must return:

  • Fully completed booking form including Credit Card details (bank transfer can be used if sufficient time for funds to clear,) a/c callsign and lead passenger name.
  • Completed Indemnity Form, we will not except aircraft unless we have an Indemnity Form counter signed by insurers
  • GA form forwarded to portsunit@avonandsomerset.police.uk

 Booking slots will be at 5 min intervals, and if requested slot not available, then closest time will be offered to you.  We would like you to provide your passengers departing on Monday with boarding passes stating: Aircraft Registration, Pilot Name with Mobile Contact Number, Destination and Booked Departure Time.


Glastonbury Heliport Pilot Briefing and Information Pack

PDF File





PDF File



Booking Form

    PDF File     Excel File


Indemnity Form

PDF File



GA Form and Information

PDF File



Passenger Information

PDF File



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